Friday, July 25, 2014

A Sew Together Bag

I did it, I made one.  After seeing them pop up on Instagram, I was intrigued.  It looked like it held tons and was awesome, but I couldn't really tell what size it was and a lot of the chatter centered on how difficult it was to I wavered.
I bought myself the pattern for our anniversary.  We're going out of town and I thought it would be great to hold my EPP on the flight.
And oh my goodness, it is officially great at holding my EPP.  No joke, this bag holds a ton.  I still have room and whole sections are empty.
I used mostly Crafty Chloe fabric by Heather Ross from Hancock Fabrics.  We're big Chloe fans here.
 I love the open spaces for my glued clamshells, I have around fifty in there and could easily fit more.  Easily.  Even basted they are fitting with room to spare.
 The three internal zip pouches hold my scissors, thimbles, glue and thread.  So nice not to worry I'll stab myself when I reach in.  Ditto for the needle landing.  I used one of the pouches to hold my binding clips while I bound a nephew quilt recently.  The pouch held all fifty clips, they are a useful size.
I love the way it all zips up and contains itself.  It was also just fun to make.  I honestly can't think of any reason I would need another but I want to make one anyway.