Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Undies Quilt

 That's right, undies.  I had so much fun with this quilt.  One thing I love about making quilts for people I know is that I can make them very specific to the recipient.  Of course, I always have a moment of almost panic that I will be wrong and they will hate the quilt, but so far that hasn't happened.  Or my family is just really good at sparing my feelings.  This quilt is for the same parents that received the Jungle Quilt.  It is so them.
My mother was so concerned that I was using old undies from my boys that she had to call and verify I was not.  I didn't.  I paper pieced these bad boys.  I got the pattern from the fandom in stitches site over at sewhooked.  It was my first paper piecing and it was so much fun.  There is no way I could have gotten the same accuracy along those leg holes without paper piecing.  
 I made five pair of undies.  Two different star wars, one marvel comic, a batman, and a superman.  I like the look of the high contrast undies binding(?), but the blue star wars pair is my favorite.  I think the Millennium Falcon is what does it.
 I did simple straight line quilting in blue, black, and red.  I left a lot of negative space in this quilt.  I didn't want to overwhelm the quilt with undies.  For whatever reason, I felt more undies would become gimmicky.

 I bound it in a scrappy binding of superhero prints.  I love the binding, it just completes it perfectly.

My Quilt

I suppose it's our quilt, but it's kinda girly.  My husband has always insisted that things can be girly as obviously a girl lives here, but I still try not to abuse that privilege.
A year ago maybe, I won a FQ bundle of madhuri by the quilted fish.  I really liked the coloring on this collection so it was great to win, seeing as I had contemplated buying it anyway.  The fabric was just asking to be diamonds and so it became a lonestar.
I EPPed this one and it was quite the process.  I started in October and have just now bound and washed it.  The diamonds took time but it was really satisfying.  I just really like hand sewing.
I did machine quilt this one though.  Just straight lines.  I only just started out with my walking foot and straight lines is all I'm comfortable with.  I can't go from hand quilting to FMQ in one step.  Maybe I'll get there someday.
It's a generous queen size, finished.  I had originally thought to make another quilt for our couch, but the star ending up being the exact width of our bed.  It was fate.  Now all our beds have a quilt I made, I feel accomplished.

bound in black and backed in the same gray as the front