Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Quilt

I suppose it's our quilt, but it's kinda girly.  My husband has always insisted that things can be girly as obviously a girl lives here, but I still try not to abuse that privilege.
A year ago maybe, I won a FQ bundle of madhuri by the quilted fish.  I really liked the coloring on this collection so it was great to win, seeing as I had contemplated buying it anyway.  The fabric was just asking to be diamonds and so it became a lonestar.
I EPPed this one and it was quite the process.  I started in October and have just now bound and washed it.  The diamonds took time but it was really satisfying.  I just really like hand sewing.
I did machine quilt this one though.  Just straight lines.  I only just started out with my walking foot and straight lines is all I'm comfortable with.  I can't go from hand quilting to FMQ in one step.  Maybe I'll get there someday.
It's a generous queen size, finished.  I had originally thought to make another quilt for our couch, but the star ending up being the exact width of our bed.  It was fate.  Now all our beds have a quilt I made, I feel accomplished.

bound in black and backed in the same gray as the front

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  1. Hard for me to believe that all of you now have quilts you made. Hard to believe you are my daughter. Certainly not something you learned at home!!!! I am so glad you didn't use this one on the couch. I think that would have been a waste.