Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer Recap

School started up a couple weeks ago.  We now have two kiddos in school and they love it.  The youngest and I are adjusting to our afternoons alone together and I am slowly getting back to sewing as we get back on a schedule.
I managed some sewing over the summer.  As often as not, our guests come with little sewing projects for me, ranging from fixing a zipper to making a while skirt.  This time it was e-reader cases.
I didn't take many pictures; it was more of a finish then pack kinda thing, but I did snap a couple.
I made three hardcover style cases for my brother and various people he knows.  We hit up a used bookstore and struck gold.
My sister went the zip pouch route for hers.  She chose the fabrics from my stash.  It turned out great.  The contrasting zipper is my favorite part, I think.
This summer we also met Crafty Chloe.  And we fell in love!  I am a crafty type.  My girlie one is a crafty type.  I super love the book because it validates being crafty.  There's just as much girl power in being crafty as there is in having a black belt.  I like that it lets us know we can be awesome for being "domestic."  Anyway, as I was singing Chloe's praises to my mother one day, I mentioned the existence of Crafty Chloe fabric.  Soon thereafter a bunch of it arrived on our doorstep.  So the girl and I did some sewing.
The unicorn pouch is for her.  She keeps various treasures in it.  For my upcoming trip to sewing summit, I made my little pouch to hold my scissors, rotary cutter, seam ripper and the like.  I'm excited to bring it along.  I totally geek out over Chloe at her sewing machine each time I see it. 
I also did a little sewing for the kiddos.  What can I say, we're nerds and we own it.

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