Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our Teacher Quilt

I've got another finish to show you.
Our school does looping, the kids and teacher from first grade moved as a unit up to second.  Mrs. VDL taught our oldest two years in a row.  Two years gets a quilt. My seven year old boy helped design it and I hunted her down on pinterest.  I think we're pretty safe on this one.  Even if we aren't and she thinks it's ugly, it's still a quilt and will keep somebody warm on a couch.  And when your last name is VDL, I imagine you don't have much personalized stuff.

It's backed and bound in a gray flannel and machine quilted on a diagonal.  We even included a label written by the kiddo himself. It's nearly six foot across and just over six feet long.

I have two more baby quilts in the works, as well, both boys this time.

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