Tuesday, November 12, 2013

20 Weeks of Sewing

My sister and one of my husband's sisters are both pregnant.  We have two new baby cousins coming in April (or thereabouts) and I'm in sew mode.  One is a girl and the other is as yet unknown.  I have free rein from my sister-in-law.  Ooooh, free rein could be really fun.
My sister knows better than to give me total free rein.  I know my sister's style, but I would never be able to resist adding a healthy dose of quirky or something just to bug her.  She is my sister after all, I have to do something to bug her.
I've already started on a few things for my sister; it's her first so she has to be fully stocked.  I like presents to be surprises and my sister is almost overly all about presents for her being surprises (which is a nice pairing) but it does present a blogging issue.
The solution to which is that I will be shipping as I go.  So once my sister has it, I'll let you see it. 
Until then, here's the fabric options she choose for Project #1.  Both from Joann's.

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