Friday, October 18, 2013

A Quilt For Me?!

I made a quilt for me! I know, I didn't give it away.  I think I just broke the quilters' code or something.
It was kinda an experiment quilt technically, but still, it was for me.  See, I have a few gift quilts in the works or just percolating in my brain and I needed to try out what size I wanted to make them and whether I could machine quilt them. 
As a die hard hand quilter, I knew my quilt agenda was not gonna happen on the time table I had, so enter the walking foot.  I was so intimidated by attaching it to my machine.  I had to use a screwdriver.  I was taking things apart!  This was way out of my pop the little lever in the back and swap from presser foot to a zipper foot comfort zone.  But I did it.  And I was almost embarrassingly proud of myself. 
I made a scrappy trip and since it's pretty much all my fabric, it is so me.  I super love it.  It's on the smaller size but works for curling up on the couch.  And it's backed in flannel, which is appropriate seeing as we had our first real snow last night.  Totally messed up my picture plans, we know how much fun I have throwing a quilt around.
Now on to the details I love on this one.  First up, my polka dot block.  Not all of my polka dots made it into this block, there are plenty others in the quilt top, but this block is all polka dots.  You can't tell unless you know, but it entertains me.
I did a rollover machine binding and just sewed it up fast.  At one point, I didn't catch the quilt top at all.  I noticed when I was moving the quilt to the dryer, so of course I hauled the wet quilt over to my machine.  I zigzagged it.  It is so not beautiful but I love it anyway.  It now has personality.  And it's for me and I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth!
Next up, a teacher quilt, a brother quilt, and quilts for the nieces/nephews that are on their way in the Spring!  And some more machine quilting.
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  1. Yay for a quilt for you! I love Scrappy Trips! Yours looks great, Amanda! Snow?! Wow, I'm so not ready for snow yet.

  2. Do your kids let you use it? Maybe you do after they go to bed.

  3. So I didn't realize it was all your scraps, so I zoomed in on the pic to find some robot quilt pieces - of course I found them! :) That quilt holds a lot of quilting memories.

    So I have a lot to learn - like why you need a walking foot. I'm not even sure what kind I have on my machine now. I am really wanting but nervous to start on my first quilt (ever!). Shaylas about to move out of her toddler bed and I want to make her one for the new bed. I really like this pattern and with whites/brights I think it would be really pretty! Is that overly ambitious or doable for a first quilt? I mean, it looks simple enough but I'm afraid I have no idea what I'm getting myself into.

  4. Oh, and to have it done by Christmas... yeah, I'm not so sure that'll happen.

  5. Lovely quilt (for you! yay!) imperfections and all. As for the snow, well, that's a different story. Yay for snow in December, not so much two months early...