Friday, October 11, 2013

This Quilt

 I apparently have a short attention span for piecing.  I loathe making the same block twice.  But this was just the right look for my sons' quilts.  And we have two sons.  And they have bunk beds.  So I made the same quilt twice.  I stinkin' hand quilted the same quilt twice.  And my goodness, I was so ready to be done with this quilt. (and just to be clear, I so did not match up color placement from one quilt to another, I'm not that masochistic)
 The oldest's quilt has been done for a couple years.  Between not enough fabric and not enough motivation, the youngest's quilt has been stalled for a couple years.  Finally, I had to chalk it up to a motherly sacrifice and get it done. 
And he loves it.  It was worth it, but I am so glad to be done.  
I gave them different backings for quick identifying.  And because I color code my children.
The quilts look good in their room, and seeing them all snuggled up in a mom quilt is good feeling.  But just the same, the first time somebody pukes on this quilt, part of me will be satisfied.

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  1. They are both very nice! I love the planet fabric and the bright colors. I too avoid making a second quilt from a single pattern. My husband asks, why don't you make so-and-so a quilt like this one? And I say, but I've already made that quilt! He thinks I'm silly.

  2. Wow It is impressive that you hand quilted both quilts. I have the attention span of a gnat and could not have made the same quilt twice. Well done for persevering with it.

  3. I LOVE my kids, but even I would not be able to hand quilt the same quilt twice! Good on you for getting this done! Love the simple, yet effective pattern and the bright colours!

  4. Lol! There's nothing like puke to break in a quilt! Congrats on sticking it out and getting this one done.

  5. Thanks for the giggle! I love these quilts. I would NEVER in a million years hand quilt. I can't sew on a button without swearing at it. Good job, Mom!

  6. LOL! I colour code my kids, as well, but then they trade. Grrr! Great job, Amanda. I know doing two quilts the same is hard, but you did a wonderful job. Yay!