Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Introverted Sewing Summit

It was great!  The class offerings were a good mix.  I wanted to take sewing classes that would teach me new things and I certainly accomplished that.  I learned English paper piecing, hand printing, foundation paper piecing, smocking, and how to draft a pattern for custom leggings.  I even made a metal frame pouch.  It was fun to learn new things and see all the different fabrics people were using.

There was plenty of time for socializing during meals and open sew each night.  Somewhere on their  website they say you can be as social or unsocial as you want to be at Sewing Summit and I will say that's accurate.  I am a super unsocial person.  It takes me years to be comfortable in most situations.  I can small talk if I have to, but generally I'm used to sitting by myself.  I only went to open sew to make some adjustments on my leggings and to do a little prep work for my clutch, a total of fifteen minutes tops.  And while there were clearly a bunch of people hanging out and meeting bloggy friends, I didn't feel like I was excluded from anything by not being one of them.  So introverts, don't worry, they mean it, you can be unsocial at Sewing Summit. 

Okay, now on to some pictures.  I didn't take many; I was busy sewing and being unsocial.
 I haven't finished it yet, but here's my first foray into EPP.  I love it. (it's reading black, but that square is actually a navy, it works, don't worry)  As a hand quilter, I expected I would, for all the same reasons I like hand quilting.  We precut our fabric for this class, and if I iron something I want it to stay ironed so I made myself a little travelling case.
Poor Black Beauty, I gutted another book.  I lined this one in batting and added an elastic loop to hold it shut.  It worked out great.  I hope to do more EPP and figure this will come in handy.  I love that EPP is so portable, and sewing the pieces together is just so satisfying.
 The clutch took less than an hour, it was like forty minutes and that includes glue drying.   I want to make another of these right away to make sure it really sinks into my brain.  It is an impressive finished item and looks like more work than it was.
 In hand printing we carved our own stamp and went to town on some fabric.  We're letterboxers so the carving was right up my alley.  Since I had blue I thought I add a school of fish.  Ideally it wouldn't have the messy edges of the stamp, but in person I really like the messy edges.  I like handmade.
Sewing Summit was fun and I liked learning so many new things.  If we had unlimited money and my husband had unlimited vacation hours I might make it a regular adventure.

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  1. I loved seeing your projects in person. You have done a lot of the EPP since I last saw it.