Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sewing Night

I can't show the nephew quilt just yet, but it's finished. The niece sewing is nearly done, too. But of course that's not all I'm sewing.
Lately I've had Thursday nights to myself for some handwork. A friend and her husband both now have church responsibilties that keep them busy Thursday nights so I head to their house and watch their little ones. Seeing as the kiddos are all in bed when I get there, I've been getting in some major sewing time.
My EPP projects are a diamond lone star quilt and a bunch of hexies for fun. We've fallen in love with having a throw on the couch and the hexies will someday be the next throw. The lone star will probably be a throw sized quilt too, but it's kinda big so maybe it'll end up on our bed. We'll see. It's kinda nice making a quilt just for fun with no sense of needing to get it done or how big it will be.

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