Friday, February 28, 2014

The Nephew Quilt

Onto the Nephew Quilt! For our last nephew, I made the jungle quilt. This time I went ocean. 
First, let it be known the thing in the bottom right is NOT a turtle. Its a moray eel. It has a fang.
Not that that's settled.
After an ocean brainstorming session I just went at it. I wanted texture and things to play with, so each element has something making it fun. A few of the fabrics are textured (the purple fish and the coral) and a few others I sewed to give texture. The seaweed is my favorite and worked just like I wanted it too. My cute little hand carved stamped schools of fish didn't quite work like I wanted them to, but I think it still added some depth to the quilt. 
I'm happy with the final result, but seeing as I was making this and the Niece quilt simultaneously, I'm glad to be finished with them. I got kinda tired of seeing this unfinished quilt mocking me. But now they are done.
After the jungle and the ocean I think I may be tapped out on over the top quilts. My husband and I decided we may want to establish a one texture/tummy time quilt per family.
Although I do still wanna make a dollhouse quilt someday. Maybe for a granddaughter.  I expect in twenty years I'll be ready for sure.


  1. Some people may think turtle but I hope it pleases you to know it didn't even cross my mind - I thought eel right away. And I don't think you could have made that seaweed any more perfect! But the jellyfish are still my favorite. The kids have already had a lot of fun playing with it and trying to figure out who is what jellyfish! The embroidered water current and button bubbles are other favorite details of mine. Thank you again for making us such an awesome quilt!

  2. I think he and his siblings will have a great time with it.