Sunday, September 7, 2014

Katie's Quilt

My bestie is about to have a baby boy and of course I made him a quilt!  I made this quilt and the undies quilt at the same time.  They couldn't be more different.  I love making quilts for people I know because I get a chance to really personalize the fabrics and style to their tastes and personalities.  Some of me always shows through, but it's clearly for the recipient.  And I love when they love it.
 I went fabric hunting looking for something cute but not too babyish and it ought to have green.  I fell in love with the alligators and went from there.  I found so many great fabrics that played so nicely together.  I think the final tally was two blues, two greens (I even used a solid!) two blacks, a gray and blue/white lattice.
 I set them out in a plus quilt pattern.  I was even on top of things enough to remember to orient the plaid blocks the same direction throughout the quilt.
I bound it in a satin blanket binding.  I've done this on a few quilts and I just like it.  My daughter's quilt is bound this way and she loves it.  She is always recommending I bind every quilt this way.
The quilt has safely made its way to Mom and Dad and big brothers and will soon get to meet the new guy.  


  1. wow I love this one. The boy will love it too. Great fabric.

  2. Do you use the prepackaged satin binding, or do you make your own? I love the idea - especially for a baby quilt!